Lightening Industry – Cable glands can

Be applied in lightening equipments.

Waterproof Brass cable glands and nylon

Cable glands are strongly recommended.

Metric or PG thread can produced to fit.

Oil Industry- Cable Glands can be applied in oil 

Industry and some engineering projects. Ex cable 

Glands are suggested according to our last year 

Selling statistics. Marine cable glands are also

Warmly welcomed,especially for some hazardous




   Wire pole- Cable glands can be

   Used in connection of wirings. EMC     

   Cable glands which are preventing

   Electromagnetic wave inside are widely

   Used. 6 types of EMC cable glands are

   Designed in order to adapt various



Solar, Wind, Tide Energy – Cable glands can also

Applied into those energy plants. As a connection

Function, making the energy stable and safe.  


          And other machines and panels need

         To assemble cable glands, we will upload 

         More applications for your reference.